10 ways to Improve Magento Performance or speed

Performance or speed is one of the key of most success of ecommerce store. High performance websites got more preference in search engine in comparison to slow loading website. Also if your ecommerce is fast or quick loading then it provides better experience to your website user, which means more conversion. If your website is built in Magento and you are experiencing the slow loading then you are at right place. In this article we will discuss some basic practices to improve magento performance.

1. Combine all JavaScript in single file and all CSS in single file

By following below steps you can merge your css and JS

  1. Please go to System -> Configuration
  2. Click on Developer tab from left section. It would be in the bottom of the page.
  3. Click on Developer tab from left section. It would be in the bottom of the page.

Screeshot :



2 Use of Caching

Caching is one of the most preferred way to improve performance or speed in any software system. Use of caching is important to improve magento speed.

There must be rule of thumb to use opcode cache. I prefer to use APC for opcode caching. Opcode caching will increase speed of the code execution which will help to load your eCommerce pages faster.

Magento also caches some of variables and other things and developed its own cache system. By the magento cache values getting stored in file. File based caching are little slower. Use memcache or other in memory caching system.


3. Use Full Page Cache Feature

Magento provides facility to cache whole page which improves the store speed very considerably. You can enable full page caching by following below steps:

  1. Please go to System -> Configuration.
  2. From Left Navigation please click on System (Under Advanced section)
  3. Open External Full Page Cache Setting and select Yes to Enable external cache setting

Screeenshot :



4. Use Content Delivery Network(CDN)

In ecommerce the biggest thing is user experience. If user experince will not be up to mark then your ecomm store performance in terms of conversion will always go down. To provide better experience you need to add better info graphics of your products. More infographics means more images, which again lead to slow your user experience. You can optimise user experience by delivering your images, js and css through CDN. CDN will serve your static files faster then your web server. To know more detail on how cdn works you can refer CDN Wiki Page.

5. Always be updated to upgrade your magento

Keep upgrading your magento to most updated version.  Also by updating magento chances of security attack on your store goes down. So upgrading magento to the lated version is always a good Idea.

Do the same things for the extensions and themes. Always keep your cheap football kits magento extension and theme on most updated version

6. Disable Unused Modules

  1. Please go to System -> Configuration
  2. Go to Advanced section from left navigation from configuration page.
  3. Open Disable module output section and select module to disable.

Screenshot :



7.  Use Magento Compilation

Magento compilation process Cheap Manchester United football shirts makes class loading much more faster. Make sure to run this compiliation in non production hour of your website because it might take good amount of time to complete the process

Magento compilation process is given below :

  1. Please go to System -> Tools -> Compilation
  2. Click on Run Compilation Process button.

8. Disable Cheap Real Madrid football shirts Unwanted Logs

Logs are always good but always eat performance. So only required things should be log. If not requied always disable the exception and system log. It will always save lots of disk writing operation which will improve your magento store speed.

9. Enable the Flat Catalog

Enable the Flat Catalog module for products and categories in the Magento Admin Panel. We have seen quite significant improvements by turning on this feature, especially on large catalogs

10. Clean database log

Many Magento store keep unnecessary Cheap AC Milan football shirts data but it is not a wise choice because keeping that huge database makes your Magento store run slowly and less effectively. That’s why we need Clean database log. This way is not only easy but it also time saving. It takes Cheap England football shirts no more than 30 minutes to speed up Magento store

Run following code in database query box :

TRUNCATE `log_customer`;
TRUNCATE `log_query`;
TRUNCATE `log_summery`;
TRUNCATE `log_summery_type`;
TRUNCATE `log_url`;
TRUNCATE `log_url_info`;
TRUNCATE `log_visitor`;
TRUNCATE `log_visitor_info`;
TRUNCATE `log_visitor_online`;