Magento2: Step by step installation

As we are known of pre installation requirements of magento2 software installation, now we starting to install magento2 step by step, if you have not gone through the pre installation process and system requirements for magento2 installation, then go through our pre-installation article for magento2

For installation we are using Linux system Operating system Ubuntu version 14.04

Step 1 – Extarct your zip installation file –

copy your installation magento2 zip folder to the desired location of your server, or in your local computer, it will be – /var/www/html/magento2. In magento2 folder extract your magento installation files.


Now hit your magento2 url, it should be http://localhost/magento2/ and screen will be displayedsetupStart

If this installation screen not comes in first attempt, then change the permission of var directory to 777, inside your root directory in extracted files.

Now click button Agree and Setup Magento

Step 1 – Rediness Check

A next will come in this screen click button “Start Rediness Check”, this will check the basic requirements to install magento2.




See what is required and fullfil that

Step 2 – Add a Database –

create a database in you host/ localhost and fill the details, if you do not have mysql version 5.6 or later then setup will show error.

Add a Database



Step 3 – Web Configuration –

here set your admin address, write the name for your admin, for example – we have given a admin address as “admin”.

Step 4 – Customize Your Store –

here set your currency, language and time zone

Step 5 – Create Admin Account –

here set the admin user name and password for your magento2 application.

Step 6 – Install –

Now all set, you click on start and your installation process will start.