Fix “System program problem detected” error on Ubuntu

From some last previous days I notice down that there is a error popup coming while I start or restart my system, on my Ubuntu OS. The error is “System program problem detected”. Basically comes up when a certain application crashes. Ubuntu program “apport”, responsible for detecting such crashes and upon user consent, report these crashes to developers. This process intends to get the problem fixed by the developers.

However, the problem is the popup comes up each and every time when the system starts and annoyed a normal user. Really, there is no need to show popup to user when they can’t do anything or it should not come back when the report is submitted regarding the error.

So, today we are here that how to get rid of this popup –







We can remove crash reports which are resided into /var/crash directory. These crash report files cause the error message to appear every time Ubuntu boots.

$cd /var/crash
$ ls

Just Remove the crash report files .

$sudo rm -rf /var/crash/*

After removing these crash reports, the Popup will stop appearing, but it will reappear again in future when a new crash report generated and added to the directory.

So toget rid of these, we should have to turn off ‘apport’ program which is responsible for detecting crash reports and to popup error message –

$ sudo nano /etc/default/apport

nano will open the file in below manner

#set this to 0 to disable apport, or to 1 to enable it
# you can temporarily override this with
# sudo service apport start force_start=1

Change value of enable=1 to 0 and save the file from the next boot the error message will disappear, if you don’t want to restart system then restart apport from command line –

$sudo restart apport

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